Arirang TV, [Money Monster] Ep.76 – Legal tech, application of AI

Legal tech, application of AI

A lot of innovative technologies have recently been applied to traditional industrial sectors. And they have led the digitalization of the industries. The legal field has also faced significant changes. Consumers tend to feel burdened by the lack of knowledge of law and high expenses when they are involved in a legal dispute. And legal tech has emerged as a solution. AI technology which has been introduced to the legal market, has contributed to the development of the industry by helping consumers better understand the litigation procedure as well as legal knowledge. Vulnerable people who have to face a trial without a lawyer or consumers who have to proceed with lawsuits without a lawyer are the main users who need legal technology services. Also, there is a service that can check the precedents which are similar to the client’s case based on the data. A user can predict the result of the judgement, so the necessary documents can be prepared in advance, more effectively. The search of legal information used to take about 2-3 days in the past. However, it takes only 30 minutes when using the program, so lawyers can concentrate more on the analysis of precedents. Also, ordinary people usually have difficulties with completing various contracts, but it can be written conveniently thanks to the implementation of legal technology. When entering the information on the contract written by the client, the AI-based system can analyze the contract in real time. The system can provide information on the necessary terms of agreement and support the users by excluding the risk factors. We look into legal tech, which has contributed to enhancing the working efficiency of lawyers and supported the general consumers to proceed legal procedures by themselves.


출처 : 아리랑TV, 2019년 11월 14일자 (원문 전체보기)

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