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The law and light can heal all things.
We will do our utmost to keep the law sacred and to allow the light of truth to shine upon the world, for a just, fair, and healthy society.

CEO's Welcome

The Age of Artificial Intelligence and Meta Knowledge

We are shocked at the terrifying potential of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The convergence of meta – knowledge that leads to the convergence of convergence beyond knowledge fusion is the essence of the 4th Industrial Revolution and artificial intelligence is the representative player of that meta-knowledge.

Heading for the world best

Intellicon is the first company in Korea to develop ‘Intelligent Legal Information System’ using Meta knowledge convergence. Initially, it was weak, but in 2016 and 2017, it ranked first for the second straight year in the ‘Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment(COLIEE)’, showing that the technology of Intellicon is the best in the field of legal artificial intelligence. We will not be satisfied here, and work harder in humility.

To become a small light in society

We will always do our best to keep trust with customers. Furthermore, we hope that the ‘AI Legal Information System’ helps both ordinary citizens as well as legal experts and contribute to social development.

Intellicon Meta Lab
CEO Young-yik Rhim


  • The first artificial intelligence legal convergence lab in Korea
  • 2015, developed i-LIS (intelligent legal information system), the first in Korea
  • 2016, developed Law-Bo (legal chatbot), the first in Korea
  • 2016, The Winner of Phase 1&2, COLIEE 2016 (Competition on Legal Information Extraction·Entailment, Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2017, The Winner of Legal Information Retrieval Task, COLIEE 2017 (Competition on Legal Information Extraction·Entailment , London, UK)
  • 2017, devoloping Legal Map and algorithm development and visualization, the first in Korea
  • 2017, developing legal QA machine and chatbot, the first in Korea
  • 2017: Legal chatbot Law-Bo, certified as a Good Content Service (Korea Data Agency)
  • 2017: i-LIS, selected as a Next-Generation World-Class Product of Korea (MOTIE, KOTRA)
  • 2018: Developed Law Mecca for legal hybrid platform based on A.I.
  • 2018: Grand prize on Legal Tech, 2018 Korea Company Grand Awards

Legal A.I. World Champion

COLIEE, Competition on Legal Information Extraction·Entailment champion 2 years consecutively

(COLIEE 2017, London, COLIEE 2016, Tokyo)


  • Member, London Mathematical Society
  • Representative of the Republic of Korea, ICME(International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Speaker, Bridges Seoul 2014 (associated with International Congress of Mathematicians)
  • Research Fellow, Convergence Research Institute for Forensic Safety of SNU
  • Member, Korea Bio Technology Industry Organization
  • Member, Licensing Executive Society Korea
  • Member, Korea Intellectual Property Society
  • Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Entertainment Business, Korea Soongsil Cyber University
  • Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Mass Communication & Public Relations, Konkuk University
  • Judical Research & Training Institute (41st)
  • Intellectual Property Training Institute(9th)
  • Berkeley Law School(US) IP&IPSL

  • Vice President of Korean Bar Association
  • Member, International Association of A.I. and Law
  • President, intellicon Law Firm



  • “Meta-Thinking”(Licon Media), 2014
  • “An Ensemble Based Legal Information Retrieval and Entailment System”(The Proceedings of The 10th International Workshop on Juris-Informatics-JURISIN 2016)
  • “A.I. & its impact on legal profession future lawyer”(2016 International Judicial Symposium)
  • “A.I. & Legal Technology”(2016 SNU & Berkeley Law School Joint Workshop)
  • “The use of Technology in Legal Practice”(2016 Korean Bar Association & Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation Symposium)
  • “Assembly supports for reinforcement if R&D Researcher’s Post Remedy (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

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Intellicon Meta Lab

  • Address: 5F, 554, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel: 82.2.6284.0195
  • E-mail: intellicon@naver.com