Our Technology

Legal Artificial Intelligence, Legal Informatics, and Cognitive Visualization
Intelligent Legal Information System

Main model at Intellicon: i-LIS (Intelligent Legal Information System)

  • Meta law analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Math, etc.  Intelligent Legal Information System
  • Artificial intelligence core engine and cognitive visualization interface configured intuitive legal navigation system
  • Legal natural language processing and inference system which can understand daily terms and sentences in a legal sense

Features of the Intellicon meta lab

Legal AI
  • Natural language processing/machine learning
  • Legal ontology & Legal inference
  • Legal artificial intelligence optimization technology
Legal Informatics
  • Legal informatics
  • Meta law analytics
  • Legal structure modeling
Cognitive Visualization
  • Cognitive science
  • Visual design
  • Interactive UI/UX
(intelligent Legal Information System)

Legal artificial intelligence, legal information science, and recognition visualization integrated

Intelligent Legal Information System

i-LIS core module overview


Legal Navigating

  • Legal network system reflecting legal knowledge structures and human lawyer’s behavior patterns
  • Multi sync information search algorithm providing 3 kinds of information (law, judicial precedent, law/judicial precedent relations) corresponding to the questions
  • Intuitive legal navigation system facilitates finding the relevant information visually

Legal Reasoning

  • Legal inference system based on law logic and legal network of law and judicial precedent
  • Non-legal terms, daily terms, legal language optimization algorithms which can understand sentence formatted questions
  • Legal inference system providing information by understanding context and intention in a legal sense through legal language optimization

Legal Entailment

  • Legal entailment system based on computational law and meta law analytics
  • Compositional logic inference algorithm which can understand the complicated questions in which several legal issues are related or in long-sentence based legal documents
  • Legal QA system providing optimized explanations about free questions and legal information

“Continental law optimized

Legal intuitive Search / Legal inference / Legal Q&A

Artificial intelligence system”